Connecting New York's Bio/Med Industry


Tell us about your organization and your current initiatives:

  • BZDesign is a multidisciplinary design, branding and marketing agency based in Rochester, NY. Our creative team of industrial, UI/UX and graphic designers partner with clients in a range of industries to bring their innovations to life.
  • From tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, we build and strengthen brands that resonate in a crowded marketplace. We have vast experience creating consumer product and app designs across medical, biotech, and industrial fields. BZDesign helps build a full suite of tactile and digital user experiences with product solutions that serve your development, marketing and business needs.

Explain the different sectors that you cover

  • At BZDesign, our clients vary across the health, wellness, and recreation industries. Having produced concept design for startups and next generation product innovation for established companies, BZDesign has a portfolio of past and present clients across many sectors.

What role does your organization play in the bio/med industry? What sets you apart?

  • In regards to the Bio/Med industry, our industrial designers can help in creating innovative or next generation product concepts and user testing. Our graphic, UI/UX, and marketing team can help develop brand awareness by creating print materials, websites, tradeshow designs, email campaigns, social media, SEO/SEM, and much more. Our diverse capabilities allow us to work with your team to create customized packages tailored to your needs.
  • Our creative team works in phases that involve clients every step of the way. No matter the state of your idea, we will customize a BZDesign team to help bring creative concepts to production. Our approach gives clients the unique opportunity to collaborate with designers from day one. We work with clients in-studio and on site to maximize input and drive engaging product experiences that align with their vision.
  • What sets BZDesign apart from any other design firm is our versatility, dynamic approach, and how quickly we deliver results. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to develop a product through ideation, prototyping, and refinement while taking that product out to real potential customers to get feedback on the usability and the aesthetic. By the time the product is designed and the marketing begins, our team is not only familiar with the product and its functionality, but we have also already engaged with potential customers and understand how they will respond to different forms of marketing campaigns.
  • Every client we work with requires a customized plan of action. Our teams’ dynamic approach starts with a kickoff meeting where all key members of the client’s team and the BZDesign team sit down to brainstorm all touchpoints of the project. By engaging each other this early in the design process, we ensure that our team meets all the goals of our clients throughout our relationship.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the bio/med industry today?

  • The biggest challenge facing the bio/med industry today is the lack of considering the user experience. There is a great deal of companies that have released groundbreaking devices but haven’t been able to engage the market due to poor design or user experience. We have assisted clients by helping them recognize market needs and simplifying the user experience, therefore gaining market appeal and improving customer interaction.

What is in the upcoming pipeline for your organization? Where is your focus?

  • As our team grows year by year, BZDesign wants to increase our regional and national awareness while focusing our collaborative design on medical device startups and manufacturers. Whether our clients are in the early stages of building a company, or well established within the medical device community, we want to help them provide the best products and interactions for their customers. In doing so, we have the opportunity to change the world through meaningful design.