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Student Policies

LS3 policies that student’s are expected to respect:



Students are expected to behavior accordingly in the classroom and have respect for their teacher and peers.

Students can receive consequences for:

  • Insubordination, being disrespectful.

  • Being disruptive, talkative.

  • Throwing objects.

  • Using profanity.

  • Late or cutting class.

  • Prohibited items: electronics, hats, food, glass bottle


 Cell phones should not be used during class, unless allowed by the teacher for academic purposes.  LS3 has the right to confiscate phones if they are a distraction from learning and will either be given back at the end of the day or a parent must come to retrieve the phone. 

9th Graders: All 9th grade students must turn their phones in at the start of the day and will be housed in a Yondr Pouch.  Phones will be returned at the end of the day.  

*If a parent/child needs to communicate throughout the day because of an emergency, please call the main office and we get student out of class to speak on the main office phone.  


Students should wear any Life Sciences Secondary School t-shirt, polo, hoodie or sports related jersey.  Any pants or shoes is acceptable. 



Students will be expected to secure their belongings (phones, hoodies, hats, jackets, etc – in a locker. This will help reduce the chance of possible theft of your beloved things.  Students can get a school issued lock for $5 by filling out the "school locker policy form" from Mr. Vaughn.  When the lock is returned upon graduation, the $5 will also be returned.  



Students can not go to the bathroom during the first and last 10 minutes of class. This is actually an official DOE policy.  Students must have a pass to be in bathroom and/or the hallways.  Students need to be responsible and respectful and return the pass to the correct classroom for the next student.  



Cheating in any form is unacceptable and a serious offense.  This is a Level 3 infraction in Chancellor’s Discipline Code, which include copying any assignment, copying from internet without proper citation, looking at another’s paper during a test.  Serious consequences could result from student conferencing to suspension.  


Automatic 5 Day Principal’s suspension for BOTH students engaged in a physical altercation in school or off school grounds.  



It is important for students to get to class on time.  Sweeps of the hallway are conducted, but it is the students responsibility to get to class in a timely manner.  If they are late to class because they were with another teacher/staff member they should be given a pass.  



It is an important LIFE skill to be responsible about your personal identification!  Therefore, you need to carry your Student ID everyday and swipe in each morning at the front door.  


Students cannot just leave the building.  This is a serious offense. If a student legitimately needs to leave school early, they must go to main office to confirm with a parent (parents are supposed to come pick up students), get approval from an administrator, and get an early release form that is signed and given to student to leave.  A copy is made and filed.  Serious consequences can result in leaving the building without prior authorization.  


Students who have valid doctor’s notes (late to school or absent) need to give their official note to the main office, so it can be entered into the  system as an excused absence.



All metrocard related issues are handled by our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Marshall in room 215.  ​


We currently do not have an open campus lunch policy.  All students must stay in the building for lunch and can enjoy a free lunch in the cafeteria.  No student is permitted to order lunch from the outside for delivery.  The gym and staff classrooms (if allowed) are often available during lunches as well.  

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