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Staff Directory


Kim Swanson, Principal

Steven Serling, Assistant Principal


Danny Alper, Science/Special Education/Team Lead

Beth Bayer, Speech


David Blattberg, Science


Edwin Chen, Math

Adam Conklin, Physical Education

Resha Daisley, Math/Special Education

Kathleen Kantz-Durand, English

Curtis Enokian, Math


Ali Cohen, Physical Education 

Harold Everton, Band/Team Lead


Lee Garber, Science


Suzanne Hanafy, Science/Special Education


Noor Khan, English


Daniel Lee, Math/Team Lead


Elissa Levy, Science

Elyse Mauriello, English


Edna McCants, English/Special Education


Jonathan Miller, English/Coordinator of Student Activities


Thomas Miller, Social Studies/Team Lead


Liz Moliterno, Social Studies/Special Education


Javarea Moughal, Social Studies

Kelly Navedo, Math/Special Education

Ryan O'Connell, English/ENL/Team Lead


Ben Otto, English/Special Education


Jorge Palomores, Spanish 

Roopali Singh, Science/Student Opportunities Coordinator


Gregory South, English/Special Education Lead

Constantinos Xiromeritis, Social Studies

Elizabeth Zapata, Art

Guidance Counselors

Dianah Cantres, 9th & 10th Grade/UFT Chapter Rep.

Kimberly Martinez, 9th & 11th Grade

Ashley Zaharakis, 12th Grade & College Advising


Cecilia Gual, Parent Coordinator

Reginald Jean Baptiste, Dean 

Waleska Lopez Cruz, Pupil Accountant

Johnathan Lopez, School Aide/Technology

Larraine Myles, Payroll Secretary

Zoraida Nieves, Attendance/Supervising School Aide

Stephanie Schild, Dean/Programmer

Alex Torres, School Aide

Jerome Vaughn, School Aide

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